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Last edited: 09/10/2002

Copyright 1999
The Madheppers

Patricia Nolan, Becky Lorenz and Elizabeth Maxey

Trishamn, Lacey
& Freyja

A Guidebook written by Hepatitis C patients,
for Hepatitis C patients undergoing Interferon or Interferon/Ribavirin therapy.

We hope that this guide will give you some assistance, support and a few giggles in your dealing with both the symptoms of HCV and treatment side effects-which as we know can be pretty awful.

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Please feel free to link to our site and print out copies for distribution to your local Hepatitis C support group, but don't just take it without giving us some credit, we worked our #?*%! off on this thing!


This guide is provided for information purposes only and not meant to replace advice given by your physician about your condition.    Please don't sue us cause we're not making a penny off of this and we don't have "3" nickels to rub together!